Growing baby leaves,
ready to cut fresh at home

About Us

Fresh from our glasshouses in Yorkshire, all year round

Delivered nationwide and across Europe, trays of leaves that are still growing...

That way, they are as fresh for you as the day they leave us

Free from additives and processing techniques, Living Salads provide a pure source of nutrition. With no time delay between harvest and consumption, powerful antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals stay at optimum levels.

‘The extra giving is in the living’ Dr Hazel MacTavish-West,
The Veg Doctor

Know your farmer, know your food…

Most big ideas start with tiny roots and our salads began life in our little greenhouse …

Living in Portugal in early 2000, we enjoyed baby salad leaves plucked straight from the field. On our return to the UK, we were disappointed by limp, chlorine washed, rather tasteless leaves available to buy in bags. Furthermore, some alarming health scares were beginning to surface. We began growing lettuce leaves in our greenhouse, and again enjoyed a truly delicious salad… could this fresh leaf experience be recreated for other consumers?

Home Harvest Salads Limited was set up in 2004 to research and develop our ‘eureka moment’ product – Living Salads, an in-store tray of growing salad leaves. The leaves are ready to be freshly harvested at home, but with some care can be cropped over two weeks. By April 2005 we commenced supply of ‘Living Salads’ into supermarket Sainsbury’s and our journey had really begun. We have grown the business steadily since that time, and are now based at glasshouses in Yorkshire, where cool summer sea breezes and brighter winters provide excellent growing conditions. We supply Living Salads nationwide and across the continent.

Andrew and Anna Johnson

What we grow

Recipe Inspiration

How does our salad grow?

The crucial difference with Living Salads is that the leaves are still growing immediately prior to consumption.

Benefits of eating Living Salads

This gives rise to the following advantages over cut and bagged leaves:

  • Improved taste and texture
  • Safeguarded nutritional value - harvesting fresh ensures optimum levels of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Rigorous glasshouse hygiene ensures microbes are below detectable levels
  • No Chlorine wash
  • Long shelf life which reduces consumer waste
  • UK Grown 52 weeks of the year, reducing food miles
  • Versatility – products super for stir-fries, soups, smoothies, salads and sides
  • Living Salads continue to live, breathe and grow on your kitchen window sill, continually producing antioxidants and vitamins for your good health


“The Extra Giving is in the Living – harvesting fresh ensures optimum levels of vitamins and antioxidants.”

Dr. H MacTavish-West

All our packs carry this statement. We are proud that delivering our living products fresh to cut at home ensures levels of vitamins and minerals remain at their highest compared with leafy greens cut, washed and bagged in advance.

“Living Salads products retain a powerhouse of antioxidant vitamins including Vitamin C and beta-carotene (Provitamin A), plus folate, until you cut and eat them. Unlike most leafy greens, they have not been processed by cutting, washing and bagging, and then stored for a period of time before consumption.”

Dr. H MacTavish-West

We have worked with Dr. Hazel MacTavish-West, a food scientist who specialises in the nutritional, flavour and health benefits of vegetables. Hazel is known as the ‘Vegdoctor’ on Twitter, where she communicates regularly about her extensive activity related to the nutritional and health benefits of consuming vegetables. Her collaboration with Living Salads has focused on the nutritional benefits of Living Salads which are harvested fresh.

Hazel has reviewed many scientific studies that have investigated the nutritional content of leafy green vegetables over time, from the point of harvest to consumption, including washing, processing and packing. This can be a period of some days for most supermarket produce. The studies show the nutritional content declines throughout the shelf life (in-store and at home) reducing some of the potential benefits of eating such produce. The decline after harvest is particularly evident for the antioxidant Vitamins A and C and also folates and the specific bioactives in brassica vegetables (like watercress and Japanese Spinach) known as ‘glucosinolates’. These are a group of sulphur containing bioactives with a wide range of health benefits being researched globally, including reduced rates of cancer development and improvements in heart health.

The following sources of nutrition provided in Living Salad
products help the body in a great number of ways including:

(made in our bodies after consuming
beta-carotene from plants)

Helps maintain healthy skin, vision and
immune system

(ascorbic acid)
Helps protect cells and keeps them healthy

Helps wounds heal and keeps bones healthy

Helps maintain strong bones and teeth,
helps regulate muscle contractions

Helps prevent anaemia and aids
normal maternal tissue growth

Helps make and activate some of the enzymes in the body

Helps aid the function of the heart muscle


Where to buy our leaves

Living Salads are sold under the Living Salads brand in Booth’s, Lidl and Morrison’s. In Sainsbury’s our leaves are sold under the supermarket own label, By Sainsbury’s Living Lettuce and By Sainsbury’s Japanese Greens. In Asda we are stocked under their own label, Asda Grower’s Selection, British Living Salad Leaves.

For supply into your own business, UK and abroad please contact [email protected]


Who else loves our leaves?

Since we launched in 2005 we’ve been impressing customers, retailers and judges with our innovative, healthy and tasty leaves. Here are just a few of the awards we’ve won:

Salad Grower of the Year 2016

Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2014 2nd Place

Shortlisted for the Food and Drink Producer 2013

BBC Radio Food & farming Awards 2005, Best Food Profucer, finalist.

Small Producers Awards 2006 Category Winner, Fruit and Vegetable.

Orange Business Innovation of the Year Award 2007, Winner, NE England

Salad Grower of the Year 2011

Best Fresh Produce, Finalist 2015

Quality Food and Drink Awards, Gold Q, 2006